[Noisebridge-discuss] Looking for interaction/experience designers

Stefano Maffulli smaffulli at gmail.com
Thu Jul 14 15:30:40 UTC 2011

Hello folks,

at the FreedomBox Foundation, we're developing a new generation of
software-powered devices to enable private communications between
citizens around the world -- and we would like to have the eyes and
expertise of User eXperience people to make it happen.

Think of all the people who don't have the luxury of freedom of speech
and all the dissidents whose list of friends is the best way for a
government to shut down a revolution before it even starts.

We want to give them an *easy to use* tool that allows citizens to be
safe online. Our emphasis on the ease of use is because most of the
basic tech tools to achieve the goal already exist, but their wider use
and adoption is limited by their complexity.

This is a social problem with a technological solution, it's a new
territory and we're at the very early stages of defining how the
FreedomBox will reach its goals.

We're looking for user experience gurus to help us define how normal
people can browse the Internet safely, without sharing their information
with entities that are not supposed to be seeing who they talk to, where
they go and what they're saying to each other. These people need your
experience and your ideas to drive the design of FreedomBox and make
sure that ease of use is always the priority.

It would be great if you could join the conversation by signing up and
participating in our mailing list and help steer the conversation.


More details about the project on http://freedomboxfoundation.org/

Feel free also to forward this message to other colleagues or yours and
on other forums/lists. Please contact me directly if you have questions,
concerns or comments.

thanks in advance,

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