[Noisebridge-discuss] Hackathon at GAFFTA 7/22-7/24: Sustainability/Transportation/Energy

Jake Levitas jake at gaffta.org
Fri Jul 15 06:42:05 UTC 2011

Hi all,

On behalf of Gray Area Foundation for the Arts (GAFFTA) I'd like to
invite Noisebridge
folks to our second Summer of Smart Urban Innovation Weekend on
Sustainability, Transportation, and Energy.

More than a single hackathon, San Francisco's Summer of Smart (
www.summerofsmart.org) is a new model for how citizens and government can
work directly together to address urban issues in new ways. Developers,
designers, city officials, urbanists, journalists, community members, and
more are building rapid innovation prototypes and presenting them directly
to government and the public. It's our vision for Democracy 3.0.

During the weekend we'll address questions such as:
How can visualizing transit data help provide more effective and sustainable
How can citizens use technology to engage directly with government on
environmental and transportation issues?
How can buildings data be leveraged to promote sustainability?
How can citizens draft web and mobile applications, policy papers, or
legislation which help government promote more sustainable cities?

Our first weekend on Community Development and Public
a huge success, and our second weekend is shaping up to be even better.
Register now for free:

The most promising projects will be presented directly to San Francisco's
mayoral candidates at our public forum in October, and will have an
opportunity to pursue a research residency at GAFFTA this fall.

Where: Gray Area Foundation for the Arts (998 Market @ 6th)
When: Friday 6:00 pm - Sunday 8:00 pm (includes keynote speakers, team
formation, 48 hours of hacking, presentations, then a party)

Feel free to write me with any questions and hope to see you there.

Jake Levitas
Research Director, GAFFTA
jake at gaffta.org

Register now for free:
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