[Noisebridge-discuss] Sleeper problem.

Al Sweigart asweigart at gmail.com
Fri Jul 15 18:55:29 UTC 2011

I came to Noisebridge this morning to check for sleepers. I haven't
done so in a while. There were about half a dozen people up and
working on stuff, and two people crashed on couches and chairs.

One them was Lennie, who's a new guy who started coming to the space a
month or two ago. I bring this up in particular because this is the
third time I've found him sleeping at the space. As usual, I woke him
up and talked to him a bit about Noisebridge's sleeper problem and
then asked him to leave. (When I wake people up and don't ask people
to leave, they just go back to crashing at Noisebridge when I walk out
the door. I've checked.)

I was polite, he was polite. He explained that he was just taking a
short nap and not sleeping (which was the same explanation he gave the
first two times, and it wasn't very believable then either.) He said
he thought it was disrespectful to wake people up and ask them to
leave. He implied that people stopped hanging around the space because
I was waking up sleepers in the morning (I usually arrive between 6am
and 7am), and some other guilt-trip remarks. His stalling went on for
about half an hour, but I kept replying that he's free to work all
night at Noisebridge but needs to make plans for getting home before
he gets sleepy, and that he still had to leave this morning. Lennie
packed up and walked over to Mitch and spent another half hour
explaining himself, and finally left. I left a little bit later. After
I got on my bike and was riding away I noticed he was back at the
Noisebridge gate.

This isn't a one-off thing, and Lennie never said he'd stop doing it.
Talking to him about doesn't phase him one bit. If this becomes a
problem again (and tell me if it does), I'm going to tell Lennie to
stop coming to Noisebridge.


Also, the sinks were full of dishes, there were fruit flies hovering
around food that had been left out, and vegetables are being stored in
unsealed containers again where the rats can get to them. On the plus
side, the kitchen counters were clean and the hackers-to-sleepers
ratio is a complete inversion of what it was a couple weeks ago.

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