[Noisebridge-discuss] Sleeper problem/Kitchen cleanliness

Espen Sivertsen espen at kaospilot.dk
Fri Jul 15 19:53:57 UTC 2011

In terms of dishes, I would suggest installing a second dish-washer.

Here is my take on the problem:

	- We are all lazy, and don't want to do our own dishes
	- Especially not if the sink is already full of dirty dishes
	- If the dishwasher is full we don't want to be the one to empty it
	- If I want to empty the dishwasher, I've no idea where things go

Solution = 2 dishwashers. This would make it easier for people to put away dirty dishes, even when one is running. I can make reversible Clean/Dirty signs for each dishwasher - so it's easy to see what's what. This would also encourage people to habitually take stuff from the clean dishwashers rather than the cabinets, so creating a mini eco-system of cleanliness. 

We can get a dishwasher for around 400$ (though we might want to talk about energy and portability issues). If people are interested I will pitch in the first 100. I will need help to transport and install though.

In the mean time, though I usually don't eat at NB, I will continue doing what I always do: wash one extra item and put it away.

Best wishes,


On Jul 15, 2011, at 12:22 PM, jim wrote:

> Thank you. 
>    I like Lennie and know him well enough to vouch 
> for him if he wants to be a member. 
>    This sleeping thing is a problem. 
>    I dislike rule-making. I like that people join 
> together to support each other. I'll try to do that--
> i.e. show up in the early AM and roust sleepers 
>    The dishes are, in my view, the more serious 
> symptom (of what exactly I can't find the words--
> something like neglect or not carrying one's 
> weight...). The only approach I can think of is to 
> yell out loud "who's dishes are these?" and go 
> around scowling at everybody while repeating the 
> question. I'm open to an improved approach. 
> On Fri, 2011-07-15 at 11:55 -0700, Al Sweigart wrote:
>> I came to Noisebridge this morning to check for sleepers. I haven't
>> done so in a while. There were about half a dozen people up and
>> working on stuff, and two people crashed on couches and chairs.
>> One them was Lennie, who's a new guy who started coming to the space a
>> month or two ago. I bring this up in particular because this is the
>> third time I've found him sleeping at the space. As usual, I woke him
>> up and talked to him a bit about Noisebridge's sleeper problem and
>> then asked him to leave. (When I wake people up and don't ask people
>> to leave, they just go back to crashing at Noisebridge when I walk out
>> the door. I've checked.)
>> I was polite, he was polite. He explained that he was just taking a
>> short nap and not sleeping (which was the same explanation he gave the
>> first two times, and it wasn't very believable then either.) He said
>> he thought it was disrespectful to wake people up and ask them to
>> leave. He implied that people stopped hanging around the space because
>> I was waking up sleepers in the morning (I usually arrive between 6am
>> and 7am), and some other guilt-trip remarks. His stalling went on for
>> about half an hour, but I kept replying that he's free to work all
>> night at Noisebridge but needs to make plans for getting home before
>> he gets sleepy, and that he still had to leave this morning. Lennie
>> packed up and walked over to Mitch and spent another half hour
>> explaining himself, and finally left. I left a little bit later. After
>> I got on my bike and was riding away I noticed he was back at the
>> Noisebridge gate.
>> This isn't a one-off thing, and Lennie never said he'd stop doing it.
>> Talking to him about doesn't phase him one bit. If this becomes a
>> problem again (and tell me if it does), I'm going to tell Lennie to
>> stop coming to Noisebridge.
>> -Al
>> Also, the sinks were full of dishes, there were fruit flies hovering
>> around food that had been left out, and vegetables are being stored in
>> unsealed containers again where the rats can get to them. On the plus
>> side, the kitchen counters were clean and the hackers-to-sleepers
>> ratio is a complete inversion of what it was a couple weeks ago.
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