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Sat Jul 16 07:52:40 UTC 2011

Awwww fuck...I'm gonna turn around and go home with my carbonite han solo
figure and jedi robe now....*mope* *mope*.

Actually...j/k...I don't have any star wars shit. Those guys are like the
tina turner's of mad max's thunderdome...just eye candy. I do have a star
trek engineer uniform, am building a sonic screwdriver out of stainless
steel (because those plastic ones that come in the little package suck
serious ass), and have that tron suit thing.

And as a sidenote - you rule for multiple reasons Danny - A) for dealing
with an annoying albeit hilarious situation and B) for making me squirt
coffee/oj/milk out of my nose every time I read one of your e-mailz...

On Jul 16, 2011 12:20 AM, "Danny O'Brien" <danny at spesh.com> wrote:
> On Fri, Jul 15, 2011 at 11:21 PM, Jason Dusek <jason.dusek at gmail.com>
>> It is strange that someone with a Tibetan title and robe is
>> "activating" a Chinese Buddhist (and Daoist) folk diety. It is a
>> little like a priest holding forth over a traditional Torah
>> scroll. Not completely without sense -- the text of the Torah
>> being substantially included in the Old Testament -- but very,
>> very fusion. To say he "activated" it is a little ridiculous and
>> imparts a strange quality to the shrine -- which is no more
>> "active" than it was before he did anything with it.
>> Naturally, as a follower of Zen, I would like to see Buddha's
>> way more widely known. For some time, I lit incense for Saintly
>> Emperor Guan and some members of Noisebridge would join me. Not
>> too many did, though, and I set aside the practice. Everyone's
>> karma is different. For those who love temples, there are
>> temples.
> I think this is probably the key point here. The guy *has* a temple.
> Actually, I think he has at least two: Macang Monastery, and Hua Zang
> Si, just around the corner, also run by his group. Hua Zang Si is very
> beautiful. I frankly will miss Guan Yu. I think most people had grown
> to like him.
>> Just the same, our community's feeling about religion is
>> hypocritical and counter productive. We embrace sci-fi beliefs
>> and cherish symbols of popular culture in a way that can only be
>> characterized as folk religion, rejecting the symbols of other
>> cultures and times in the manner of provincial extremists.
> I don't think you can gloss over the whole our community that way (not
> anymore, too many people -- and not even in Ancient Times, when we had
> long discussion about Guan Yu and his appropriateness).
> About the only thing I could glean consensus on was that the whole
> Church-clearing and proselytising was getting pretty irritating and
> unsettling to a lot of people, and everyone seemed to agree that this
> stuff was better off taking place at Free School (and if there was
> some disagreement about that, it came from the Free School, who were
> probably sitting down the road going: hey, you know what, those guys
> have a SHRINE over there).
> I know what you mean about pop cult symbols, but honestly, I think if
> we had a bunch of ultra-serious Jedis clean out Church to erect some
> carbonite they'd dug out of the lasercutter room, tempers would have
> begun to fray by now.
> Actually, you're right, maybe that would have taken a lot longer.
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