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Wed Jul 20 15:20:27 UTC 2011

All this dharma-miracle stuff Fa Zang is peddling appears to be in 
direct conflict with his master's teachings. The lama claims spiritual 
authority from his position in relation to a man called 
"H.H.DC-Buddha.III". Note in particular #27 on DC's list of 128 
erroneous/evil beliefs as found here: 
*In this world, there are many kinds of mystical and strange paranormal 
phenomena. Heretical sects use such phenomena to deceive and confuse 
living beings. In so doing, they create all kinds of negative karma. All 
such strange phenomena are not manifestations of supernatural power that 
flow from the Buddha-dharma and are just evil doings. *

> Meditation, in the branch of study that the Rinpoche subscribes to, is 
> just part of a system of enlightened transmission of ancient esoteric 
> knowledge so mind-blowing that its revelation to the earthly realms 
> can, according to Fa Zang's own blog entries, create such local 
> phenomena as "turning ordinary water into Bodhi Holy Water that can 
> heal and perform miracles; the bestowal of true holy nectar from the 
> sky by the Buddhas; precious holy pills that chant, dance, fly, and 
> increase; the appearance of magnificent Dharma Protectors; rainbow 
> body states; and other evidence of enlightened activity." 
> <http://www.buddhatv.tv/messages/view/XXG9DH01R160CBNZ/The-Book-H-H-Dorje-Chang-Buddha-III-> 
> Now, I realise that many early religious and scientific texts have 
> similar, perhaps exaggerated, descriptions of their benefits, and 
> maybe I shouldn't take it literally. But I'm concerned that as the 
> Rinpoche has noted in 
> <http://www.buddhatv.tv/messages/view/FN1CS30VBF3B1GPT> just 
> yesterday, that the recent announcement of the Fourth Vajra Throne in 
> Sanger, California, was accompanied by just such epiphenomenon: red 
> holy vajra pills that jump around "just as if they were alive. They 
> not only [jump] but one of them started to circle around and left [a 
> disciple's] hand. It transformed into a dazzling bright red light and 
> soared into the sky"; the appearance of orb-like beings apparently 
> from "another dimension", generic poltergeist activity, and for me, 
> most disturbing of all, the apparition of a "tenacious goose (named 
> Dharma Duck) that came to the Temple and insisted on being allowed in. 
> He would fly at the windows or peck at the door if dharma was being 
> discussed." <http://www.buddhatv.tv/messages/view/FN1CS30VBF3B1GPT> 

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