[Noisebridge-discuss] Microchip office move - a development board bonanza!

Anders Nelson anders.k.nelson at gmail.com
Fri Jul 22 18:44:09 UTC 2011

Hey all,

The Microchip Technology office is moving, and the various departments
generated a veritable mountain of e-waste. Being incapable of allowing
useable electronics to be discarded, I saved probably 60 development boards
from various manufacturers. I'd love to give these units a new home where
they will be used! There are dev boards from the following manufacturers:

-Microchip (duh)
-Samsung (ARM)

And probably others. There are fewer debugging dongles than dev boards but
I'm sure you could find those from Olimex or something much cheaper than the
vendors sell them for. I'd like to come to Noisebridge this coming Monday
and bring in my boxes of doom for people to scrounge in.

One more thing - our RF department (ex- Zero G people) had like 75 custom,
rather large dev boards that were proprietary for their WiFi chip. These all
have I think 6 DC voltage supplies on them (1.2v, 1.8v, 3.3v, 5.0v) with
nice taps that should be in perfect working order. The boards have a 9v
wall-wart barrel connector for ease of use. They may have been trashed
already but I'll try to swing by the office in case anyone wants me to grab
them. Do let me know soon though, I have little trunk space left!


Anders Nelson
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