[Noisebridge-discuss] Ideas...Hacking the coffee peculators to work with our induction stove?

Robert Chu robertayoungchu at gmail.com
Sat Jul 23 21:36:45 UTC 2011

Hello Noisebridge,

we have two coffee peculators (device that has a bottom chamber to fill with
water, a filter in the middle, and a top chamber that coffee pours into),
they are Noisebridge's most used coffee apparatuses. Before they were used
with a burner that is being removed due to potential safety risks
(completely understandable).

Does anybody have an idea in which we can make them work with our stove?
They do not work because they are a different type of metal that is not

My thoughts on this would be to weld a piece of metal that is the same to
the bottom of them that is compatible. Unfortunately, I know next to nothing
about welding, nor do not posses the equipment to do so.

Feel free to join in and help brainstorm.

- NOISEBRIDGE NEEDS COFFEE PECULATION  (they only recieved more usage then
that dang most awesome espresso  machine).


P.S....... Another reason why it would be cool to get these working working
with our stove, is to have the ability to teach coffee making work shops...
And I once again can not under-emphasis the fact that NOISEBRIDGE NEEDS

Cheers Rayc
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