[Noisebridge-discuss] iPad CCK hack

Phil Spitler phil at bonfirelabs.com
Sat Jul 23 22:14:15 UTC 2011

I have a 3rd party Camera Connection Kit for my iPad that I want to hack.

Basically it worked fine until Apple updated their software (4.2.1) which dropped the max current draw from the dock connector from 100ma to 20ma.

Of course the Apple version of the hardware works fine at 20ma but the 3rd party fails.

I have looked all over the web for ideas on how to hack the software but no luck.

The 3rd party version I have has a green LED on it, I'm wondering if I disconnected it, would that reduce the power usage enough to get it to work.

I know very little about electronics and was planning to bring it along to a Monday evening circuit hacking event but I am having trouble freeing my time.

Any idea how much power and LED would pull? Or is it way to varied to speculate?

Once I get it working again, I can increase storage on my iPad using SD cards or thumbdrives to hold my movies, it works great (when it works).



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