[Noisebridge-discuss] ViewSonic G810 - 21" CRT Display - Perfect working condition. NB or CL or eWaste... that is the question.

Rubin Abdi rubin at starset.net
Tue Jul 26 01:58:57 UTC 2011

Brian Morris wrote, On 20110725 185041:
> 21" is not so easy to find. The color quality is still very much unmatched
> by LCDs especially the old rebuilt ones at NB. Even disregarding that there
> are no plenty around in this size.
> Also the energy efficiency is confused. The power ratings on LCD are for the
> unit, but disregard power waste in the power supply bricks = commonly about
> 30% (70% waste heat). Being a compulsive label reader(and knowing the
> formula watts = volts * amps), my estimate is that an lcd energy saves about
> one notch down in monitor size. So you are looking at 21" CRT (about) same
> power use as 24" lcd.
> If you want to locate huge energy hogs consider the big TV screens.  Or
> consider building some high efficiency power supplies for the LCDs.
> Unfortunate that the new CA laws for high efficiency TV power supplies did
> not cover large computer monitors.
> And CRTs can be easily recycled for FREE, by taking them to the Goodwill one
> block away.

Awesome, technology a bunch of people still don't want at Noisebridge is
actually super energy efficient! Great to hear it!

Noisebridge, the graveyard for things you can't possibly bring yourself
to throw away so you'd much rather have other hackers do it for you,
est. 2008.

Rubin Abdi
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