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Brian Morris cymraegish at gmail.com
Thu Jul 28 01:06:32 UTC 2011

On Wed, Jul 27, 2011 at 12:45 AM, Danny O'Brien <danny at spesh.com> wrote:

> I may have misheard this, but I think that the research labs of a
> prominent software/hardware company were throwing out a bunch of
> stuff, including microcontroller programming kits, and assorted zigbee
> and wifi goodies, and it got scooped up and given to us. It looks
> *really* interesting -- this is the stuff that was on the tables
> between sewing and electronics.
> Please remember it's not excellent to just whisk this stuff off to
> your own garages!

Agree strongly

> If you want to hack on it, hack on it in the space.

Agree it should be that way, but may be discourage by circumstances (thus
encouraging misbehaviour as in squirreling things away) - see below.

> I'm not sure where we can put it all, but it should maybe go in the
> electronics section.

This is a general issue in the space. Worse, it depends on the person
(inequal opportunity) and the nature of the project.

Several times I have been told by apparently responsible parties, that it is
not safe to leave ongoing projects here. But obviously it is safer for some
people than others.

Yes, I have been reminded to label things. But experimenting (with stuff I
care about but could lose without heartbreak and/ or wish to share) several
times (and repeatedly for the same project) I have had signs torn off, and
have even interrupted people initiating destructive actions (perhaps only by
unthinkingly "sharing".

Not to mention some times that when voicing my hacking (not political or
personal !) ideas distinctly being put down or blatantly ignored.

This does not at all mean these things happening all the time. But enough
that it is upsetting. Upsetting because I would like to have projects going
that take longer than one visit and which feel like significant to myself
and the space, and because I have witnessed others having the same problems
/ issues in this area.


I feel that what could be useful is a secure mass storage place but with
equality of access for responsible individuals (something like a key code
similar to the front door). But that may only partially help as some
projects / materials are not so easily moved about.

Figure out a fair process for allowing access, IMHO membership is too strong
a criterion and guest is too weak.

As far as marking things. A consistent label was designed but never produced
/ printed. A simple scheme that might help is color coded stickers - color
change say like green for new stuff, a monthly sticker color for things in
progress. This is to help with the problem of abandoned projects which it
appears even members have issues with. If a project has been idle for an
extended period of time perhaps it should be up for grabs or at least for
do-ocratic action, but some system for ensuring respect of previous do-er of
said project.


p.s. please don't flame me if you can restrain yourself.

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