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my name is bahador nosrat. i've known about noisebridge for a couple of
years now, but only recently moved to the bay area and now finally have had
the opportunity to drop by. i would like to ask the noisebridge community's
opinion about a project i would like to tackle, and whether or not
noisebridge is an appropriate place to tackle it.

i have a vintage 450cc motorcycle
i would like to
rebuild <http://teamhansenhonda.com/services/photo027.jpg> and modernize.
among other things, i would like to add electronic sensors (temperature,
rpm, current gear...) monitored by an arduino
up into an android device via the android
open accessory development

the engine itself is not very big. i would estimate that it's dimensions
are less than 1.5ft wide, 2ft long, and 3ft tall. it weighs less than
150lbs. i would get an engine stand with wheels for it so that it can be
easily rotated and moved. i would not run it in the building itself, only
clean it, rebuild it, and eventually mount sensors on it. there would be no
gasoline or oil, except for what little is left inside the engine after
draining it. the only chemicals, if any, that i would bring would things
like: cleaners, degreasers, lube, loctite, wd40, and grease.

a little about me: i'm in my mid twenties. i was born in san diego, and
just moved to berkeley this past august. i work for the lawrence berkeley
lab <http://www.lbl.gov/>, studied security studies as an undergrad, and
hold an ms in gis<http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geographic_information_science>.
i've mostly worked in biology for the past several years doing gis and
bioinformatics <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bioinformatics>, up until
recently, for a marine biology lab in san diego.

as far as my background goes, i have experience in:
- cars and motorcycles
- soldering
- basic circuitry
- programming
- databases
- gis
- bioinformatics
- computers

thanks for your time, and i hope to hear back from you soon. take care.

You can't teach a hammer to love nails.
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