[Noisebridge-discuss] parklet at noisebridge?

Liz Henry liz at bookmaniac.org
Sat Nov 19 00:05:50 UTC 2011

Ooooh! I would like to do this too! I can bring some plants and do a
little maintenance here and there!

How would the grocery store folks think about it? Maybe we could invite
them to be involved or at least talk with them about the project.

  - liz

> On 11/18/11 2:11 PM, miloh wrote:
>> Looks like a pretty good team so far.
>> Are there any electrical requirements for parklets? Perhaps a solar
>> installation could provide power for some subtle effect.
>> It won't hurt to submit something.
>> I want to lead an application for this, does anyone mind me taking it up?
>> -r. miloh alexander

Liz Henry
liz at bookmaniac.org

"Without models, it's hard to work; without a context, difficult to
evaluate; without peers, nearly impossible to speak." -- Joanna Russ

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