[Noisebridge-discuss] east bay origami conference today

Lorah Gross lorah at lorah.net
Sat Nov 19 19:26:01 UTC 2011

Calorigami is having a mini origami conference November 19th, 11-5.


You can hang out and fold, take classes (if signups are still available)
and enjoy the gallery of models.

I don't know this group so I'm not sure what else they have planned. At
other origami conferences there is usually a silent auction where you can
bid on new and used items.

If you like origami (or think you might) but can't make this event, you
might enjoy going to a BARF (Bay Area Rapid Folders) meeting, the first
Saturday of the month. These meetings have anywhere from 10-40 people who
are folding a variety of models. Show and tell is also a big part of the
gathering and it's always fun to see what people have been working on.


I have a lot going on right now but would be interested in organizing a
folding day/night at Noisebridge in the future.

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