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Sun Nov 20 06:05:25 UTC 2011

13. A low-level parallel streaming protocol with compression *and* encryption, optimized for direct memory-to-memory streaming and fussy bandwidth issues.

Check. (but with some dev required for the application)

If we build more than a few of these drones, and get some computation on the backend, we can have live streaming 3D reproduction of what's going on at the ground.  

- Brink

On Nov 19, 2011, at 7:17 PM, Jake wrote:

> To make a floating NoiseDrone which can be used for filming the occupation 
> from above, we will need the following materials:
> 1. Baloon
> 2. Helium or Hydrogen
> 3. A rigid ring to attach around baloon
> 4. 4 Sticks sticking outward from the ring
> 5. Servos on the ends of those sticks to tilt
> 6. Powerful motors with propellers mounted on them
> 7. An android phone for livestreaming
> 8. An analog camera for an analog wireless feed
> 9. An analog wireless transmitter for the camera
> 10. A control system to receive commands from the ground
> 11. Batteries or a plutonium thermopile (or polonium?)
> 12. A remote control
> We can build everything right now (assuming SpaceBridge or The Russians 
> donate a baloon and helium) except we lack motors and props, and a team.
> I nominate myself and Shannon and MCT to the team, plus whoever supplies 
> four similar motors and props (and decent servos too).
> I volunteer to do the electronics, mostly, if other people will step up to 
> supply things like a phone, motors, props, and personpower to actually 
> operate the thing.
> -jake
> S said:
> It's for aerial reconnaissance... We want to put a livestream on a balloon 
> over #occupysf.
> --S
> On Nov 19, 2011, at 16:45, Jake wrote:
>> it was nice to see you at the bus stop last night.
>> I wonder what you're planning with the android phone.  I know someone 
>> who has a G1 phone which is a t-mobile (or AT&T) style where you just 
>> pop in the SIM card.  You could get temporary service from t-mobile as a 
>> second number from someone who is already on, like me.
>> That way nobody would go without their phone for a week, because who 
>> would want to do that?
>> If you need funds for the project you might be able to get it from 
>> OccupySF, if it applies to their goals...
>> like a helium-baloon remote-controlled floating video recorder...
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