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Mon Nov 21 03:15:26 UTC 2011

There is an art of self defense in regards to depression. Often for many
people ignore it and it will go away is initially effective in the short
term - because normal activity is so important.

Some people really swear by exercise. It doesn't have to be extreme at all
but it has to be aerobic 30-40 minutes continuously 3-4 X weekly.

Omega - 3 treatment may be really helpful but it is ESSENTIAL to get an
adequate therapeutic dose which is impossible with the standard capsules.
But a 3.5 oz can of sardines daily is good (= about 10 standard capsules).

Psychologically, the 12 step slogan Think ... Think ... Think is extremely
helpful. It is the middle think = think about what you are thinking that is
crucial. It is really a shame that this is not taught in health classes in
school. Anyway it is based on dealing with negativity. Generally, watch out
for generalizing. Helps to clearly distinguish feelings and thoughts about
them and to recognize feelings as they are (tricky).

Meds and Therapy can really suck sometimes but they can also really help


All the above my opinion / experience personal and with friends + family +
discussions with professionals + reading + writing (not as a professional
mental health worker !)

Unfortunately some people do crash and burn. Very unfortunately. But
sometimes a crisis is required for someone to get serious about taking care
of themselves.

Results vary, as do effective therapies.

I believe that, even in chronic cases, effective pain management is
possible - suffering is not required.  But I cannot see inside others'
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