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Elizabeth Leddy elizabeth.leddy at gmail.com
Mon Nov 21 19:52:49 UTC 2011

Hey Daniel/all -

I was starting to get some ideas together for a class as well and would 
be happy to tag team on it. Someone mentioned a need for a karma app and 
I think that if we alternate between basic classes and building the app 
then we could combine skills and practical experience. I can also handle 
more advanced questions.

Maybe we can use this weeks meetup to get together and discuss what to 
do with this class. That's today at 6 I believe and anyone who has 
project ideas can come and we'll make a plan for the next few months?


On 11/20/11 11:12 AM, Daniel Nowak wrote:
> Hello Everyone,
> I saw that your Programing Basics class is looking for a instructor. I 
> think I would be a good fit for that role. I currently work as a 
> System Admin for a local web company and I use python as part of my 
> work. When I was in college I tutored students in C and C++. And what 
> makes me a good fit as a tutor and instructor is that I am good at 
> translating technical terms into common language. As far as my python 
> skills, I am rather new to python but as I stated above I do use it on 
> a weekly basis. My skills far exceed the need for the intro to 
> programing class.
> After the first round of of Intro classes. I would be willing to also 
> teach a more advanced class. Jumping off where the first class ended. 
> Call this second class Build something fun with Python. Either way I 
> would like to help this class start back up. Please feel free to 
> contact me to discuss it more.
> Daniel
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