[Noisebridge-discuss] g4 laptop looking for good home

Larry Ogrodnek ogrodnek at gmail.com
Wed Nov 23 03:12:30 UTC 2011

I have an old 12" G4 mac laptop (circa 2003, running OS X 10.4
[Tiger]) that needs a good home.  It (was) a great little machine, and
I feel like someone must have a use for it.  It has built-in ethernet
and wifi.

Most mac software from the last few years will probably not run on it
(likely to be intel only), but if you need something for just
web/email... Or some other project in mind where you just need a
terminal or something... maybe it will work for you.

It's a little slow and does get hot (as these macbooks did).

Ubuntu stopped supporting G4 builds a couple of years ago, so you may
also have a hard time getting it to run linux (at least ubuntu

I also have an old iSight (firewire) video camera to go with it, and
various adapters to get VGA and RCA video out from the laptop.

if you can use it, it's yours.

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