[Noisebridge-discuss] Moving into the 21st century w/ NB computing culture ...

Taylor Alexander tlalexander at gmail.com
Wed Nov 23 09:39:12 UTC 2011

> "Reply to all" is the right thing to do, if I have a list going to a
> folder, then the list copy goes into the folder and the "direct to me"
> copy goes into my inbox -- exactly the behavior I want.  Gmail
> apparently consolidates those into one item when they end up in the same
> folder, which seems cromulent.  Mutt shows both messages adjacent in its
> "index view" with an "=" sign to indicate that they're the same message
> delivered twice; this isn't quite ideal -- I have to hit 'd' twice
> rather than once -- but the current behavior is good enough and I could
> probably "fix" it if I cared.
> If you're using a mail system other than gmail or mutt and it's behavior
> in this scenario is a problem, I can only recommend switching to one of
> those. :) </troll>
> -andy

No, Gmail's behavior works well (similar to what you described) as long as
you know how to set up the filter. To balance noise and visibility, I set
up Noisebridge messages to come into my inbox as already read. That way I
see them, but I don't have an extra 50 unread messages a day (which would
annoy me). I could have them skip my inbox and just go to a label, but I
never read those. Anyway its still a label I can easily click on if I want
to. But anyway, I added an exception if I am listed directly as one of the
recipients, and in that case it shows up into my inbox unread. Pretty slick
actually, but unfortunately, after a few messages someone tends to clear me
out (maybe someone forgot to hit reply all, and whoever realized it just
punched in the mailing list address. This may happen pretty often, it my
theory is correct), so it only really works the once, reliably, and I
wouldn't really miss it if Noisebridge went to some other system.

Also I should point out that i've only been to the space a handful of
times, so if paying participating members feel otherwise, don't worry about
me. I did help with the laser though. :)

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