[Noisebridge-discuss] PCB fab places?

bandit bandit at cruzio.com
Thu Nov 24 00:14:58 UTC 2011

> Hey,
> Does anybody know of a good place to get a pc board fabbed? I've
> usually used gold phoenix for projects that need multiples of the same
> design, but this time I just need one. It doesn't need more than 2
> layers or anything fancy, does anybody have a favorite local place for
> this kinda thing?
> Cheers
> Ray

Please pardon a suggestion from one new to the space.

I get PCBs made fairly often, and I use www.apcircuits.com in Alberta Canada.
Send them the gerber files by 11a their time, and they cut the boards that
ship the next, and get the third by 10am.
Must order in multiple of 2's, and conform to their drill sizes and
densities (easy to do).
odd-size holes are 1-cent each.
They have a price estimator on their website.

They do really good work - no silkscreen, but you really don't need one.
Plated-thru holes, 2 layers. 7-mill traces to 7-mill separation.
circular or rectangular. You can panelize as you wish, but each panel
still conforms
to the multiple of 2 rule.

I know you only need one, but does not hurt to have a reference.
The multiple of 2 thing is just how they lay out their boards to be

I can show you examples of their work if you wish.

... bandit


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