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On Sun, Nov 20, 2011 at 4:59 PM, Olya K <krasnykh at gmail.com> wrote:

> Does anyone know of a good online course in economics/macroeconomics? Or a
> good char-course type book?

The standard book that people who enjoy serious discussion about economics
tend to recommend is _Economics in One Lesson_ by Hazlitt. It's been on my
bookshelf for about a year, along with _The Road to Serfdom_ by Hayek.
While it's best not to plan anything around me (I'm kind of busy and kind
of random), I would make an effort to come out for a serious/fun discussion
about economics especially if people committed to reading these books or
other serious books about economics.

It would be great to have some Keynesians there too to balance the
discussion. Plus people of other flavors would of course lend interesting
perspectives. I mention Hayek and Keynes since most people (who aren't
anti-capitalists) tend to fall into one group or the other.

Also, I *highly* recommend Bloomberg's "On the Economy" podcasts. There is
definitely a learning curve associated with this program and you'll find
yourself looking up lots of words, but just like immersing yourself in any
language, soon it all begins to make sense. It's the smartest talk show
I've ever heard. In a way I kind of got into economics even more because of
this show--listening to smart people talking about stuff made me happy at a
time when I was lonely for intelligent discussion and that made me want to
understand economics even more. I've been listening on and off since 2008.
I liked it better when it was Tom Keene but Sara and Mike do a good job too.


Tom Keene still does Surveillance, another good podcast:


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