[Noisebridge-discuss] Corvid College Hoedown at Noisebridge

Christian Greer jcg691 at mail.harvard.edu
Mon Nov 28 20:57:06 UTC 2011

Hark Noisebridge-Discuss,

      I am writing so as to inquire about holding the Corvid College
SF<http://www.corvidcollegesf.com/>course catalog performance at
Noisebridge on Dec. 17 6-8:30pm. I   visited
your lovely space a while back for the Robo-Prom and have been back a few
times since- every time leaving more convinced of its charm and importance.
To give a few brief words about Corvid College, we are an
*anarchic*college (no bureaucracy, or tuition, we are horizontally
run, etc.) that
originated in Cambridge MA. and in the last four months began opening up
another nest in San Fran. We have 5 people in our teachers collective and
need a place to hold our first event. The event we would like to hold is
one where we meet students before and after we perform our course catalog-
that is to say, instead of simply describing what we will teach, we talk
and make jokes about it and even act some. Moreover, if anyone on this list
is interested in learning or teaching (or simply meet up to talk about
these things) do not hesitate to contact me! Thanks for your time.

for the wild,
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