[Noisebridge-discuss] Thread about classrooms

Danny O'Brien danny at spesh.com
Wed Nov 30 22:58:05 UTC 2011

On Wed, Nov 30, 2011 at 2:32 PM, Rubin Abdi <rubin at starset.net> wrote:
> Danny O'Brien wrote, On 2011-11-30 12:56:
>> I think that the problem that is being sought to be solved is that the
>> 3D printers are in a high-traffic area, and therefore get futzed with
>> a lot, and people working on them get distracted, and the 3D printers
>> get misaligned by gawking people, so they are looking to move them
>> somewhere less high-traffic (somebody should step in if I got this
>> wrong).
> If I remember right this is Miloh and Mitch's idea, to have the
> Makerbots be the first thing anyone sees when entering the space. I'm
> totally all for that idea except typically that's not the first thing
> anyone sees and the Makerbots aren't all that exciting unless they're
> printing something.

They do tend to blow people's minds. It's a great moment in the tour,
although I tend to end up leaving it to last.
Put me down as liking the 'sacrificial makerbot' idea at the front, if
we have one to spare.

> I had talked a while about building a third room past Church to act as a
> fabrication room and house the lazor. The area in the back can be
> generally cleaned up and space made for such things without the
> assistance of walls, but the noise stepper motors make typically isn't
> compatible with people lecturing in a class.

I think once tastebridge's mushrooms are done, that might be a good
space to use. It feels a bit like the stuff for the laser-cutter
really needs a place outside of the laser-cutting room, and the 3D
printers need material and parts too.



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