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Yes -- I know that several people told me that they put T-shirt money in the general donation bin at the entrance (and if some people told me that, there must be many more who did that who didn't tell anyone). Even if it breaks even, I think it's still a great thing to have T-shirts.  People really like them, and it helps spread the joy.  Just the other day I was wearing a Noisebridge shirt at Burning Man, and a few people came up to me who I didn't even know and started discussions about all sorts of cool things -- just because they recognized the T-shirt. Mitch.
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Well, we brought in $1651 on t-shirt sales since last april, which means they at least break even, if not make us a huge amount of money. (We still have some t-shirts left, and I suspect some of the T-shirt money gets paid in elsewhere).


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If we decide to make more T-shirts, then I'm happy to order them -- just email me (I'll be in NYC, but can order remotely).  Our last T-shirt order (last April, before the Maker Faire) was for 200 T-shirts, and the total cost, including sales tax to East Bay Screenprint, was $1,481.63 ($7.41 per T-shirt).

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Subject: [Noisebridge-discuss] need new t-shirts

We have a process for this. I forget what it is, but I think it involves getting an agreement to spend some money on them, so I'll raise it at the next meeting.


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