[Noisebridge-discuss] missing IBM model M keyboard from my shelf

Jake jake at spaz.org
Wed Sep 14 09:31:33 UTC 2011

I am missing a special keyboard from my shelf.  It is an IBM model M: 

It has a black cord ending in a five-pin DIN, which is a MIDI connector. 
It has a midi controller inside and batteries and was attached to a 

There is a similar keyboard in the server closet, that's not it.  You can 
tell this one by its black cord (unless it has been removed) and by the 
fact that one of its screws on the bottom is now a charging port.

If you know where this is, please email me or place it back on my shelf or 
on the desk by the windows with a note saying it's mine.  No questions 
asked, i just want it back.  Thanks.


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