[Noisebridge-discuss] Meeting 8 Apr 2012 @ 1400 - Stronger, Better, Faster VMs

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Thu Apr 5 14:35:04 UTC 2012

Bay Area (Hacker's Association|Security Specialists) Meeting!

2nd Sunday of every month, 2pm, at Noisebridge, in the main area.

It lasts until it's over.

It's for people interested in security, not the more general "make
stuff" kind of hacking.

Date of Meeting:
2pm (1400), 8 Apr 2012

This month we present:

Davi Ottenheimer


Faster, Better, Stronger - Hardening the Virtual Environment

The burning question of the expanding virtual environments has become
how to measure and improve security. Administrators ask about
hardening their hypervisors so they can migrate Tier 1 applications
and other essential stuff with a degree of confidence. This is not
only to make the business units and auditors happy but every good
attacker likes a challenge. This presentation shows how configuration
of the virtual environment can be faster and easiemake it harder to

This talk is longer, harder, and uncut!

About the Author:

Davi Ottenheimer is president of flyingpenguin and author of the new
book "Securing the Virtual Environment: How to Defend the Enterprise
Against Attack (with DVD)" ISBN: 9781118155486. He is an experienced
global security manager and currently is working on the vSphere5
hardening guide soon to be released by VMware.



2169 Mission St, San Francisco, CA, USA, Earth, Milky Way, Known Universe

Finding the space can be tricky; it has a red circular logo above the
otherwise inconspicuous door, and is next to a market that sells
fruit.  It is very close to 16th and Mission BART stop.  If you're
driving, leave 15-30 minutes extra to find parking due to the heavy
traffic around there, but you do not have to pay on Sundays.


If you would like to be a speaker, or know someone who would,
please let us know.

Our Site:


Includes google calendar (never miss another meeting), directions,
link to mailing list, etc.  Please check it out.
A wise man understands two words for every one spoken.
If you are a spammer, please email john at subspacefield.org to get blacklisted.
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