[Noisebridge-discuss] two hackers from germany visit the southwest

Sebastian Böhm seb at exse.net
Thu Apr 5 20:36:46 UTC 2012


we are two hackers from germany and members of the CCC.

We arrive 5pm on friday april/27th in San Francisco and stay in the southwest for 3 weeks (the first 3 days we will be in SF)

We would like to stay one or two evenings in you hackerspace , is this possible ? (we do not intend to sleep there).

our recent activity: 

me: https://github.com/sebseb7 ( I did my first node.js program two days ago)
my friend: https://github.com/2bt (he currently is developing a small programing language for fun, and a compiler written in this mini language able to compile itself)

videos of some of our projects

those who were at congress may remember this: https://vimeo.com/36675853

I mostly do LED projects of all kinds. My friend twobit is a passionated codegolfer: http://golf.shinh.org/u.rb 

This is approximately what we try to cover in this three weeks:  http://is.gd/RXmLDI (google maps)

I will try to record some first person movies like this: https://vimeo.com/26209569 or this http://youtu.be/dE-E5muFOxw
I have a range of about 3 miles with the basic equipment I am able to bring with me. (a plane ;a trex 450 copter) maybe I will buy another plane in SF.

See you

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