[Noisebridge-discuss] Book donations?

Liz Henry liz at bookmaniac.org
Fri Apr 6 23:58:46 UTC 2012

Hey there,

These all sound good -- we have some of them, but could use 2 copies of 
some and the extraneous duplicates we can put out with a label that they 
are free for the taking.

I'll be by tomorrow to do a little library maintenance!

Thanks Neil!

- liz

On 4/6/12 12:54 AM, Neil Kandalgaonkar wrote:
> I am getting transitioning to a mostly-digital library. My paper books
> need a home.
> I'm eliminating the weaker or older books. The following books all have
> a lot of timeless wisdom, or are recent and interesting.
> Is it ok to just drop them in the library area of NB, or are there
> already too many?
> Alternatively, I can donate them to a single individual on this list.
> Programming Erlang	Armstrong	new
> Mastering Regular Expressions	Jeffrey Friedl	timeless
> Mythical Man Month 20th Anniversary edition	Fred Brooks	timeless
> PeopleWare	Tom DeMarco	old/classic
> Structure&  Interpretation of Computer Programs	Abelson&  Sussman	timeless
> The Practice of Programming	Kernighan&  Pike	newish/classic
> Coders at Work	Peter Seibel	new/timeless
> Common as Air	Lewis Hyde	new/classic
> Higher Order Perl	Mark-Jason Dominus	old/classic
> Oracle Design	David Ensor&  Ian Stevenson	old
> Real World Haskell	O'Sullivan, Goerzen&  Stewart	new
> The Art of Capacity Planning	John Allspaw	new
> The C Programming Language	Kernighan&  Ritchie	timeless
> The Official OpenGL Library	OpenGL ARB	old/classic
> The Wealth of Networks	Jochai Benkler	new/classic
> Unix Systems Programing for SVR4	David A. Curry	old
> Working Effectively With Legacy Code	Feathers	newish/classic
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