[Noisebridge-discuss] help! dell latitude XT running ubuntu - suspend doesn't work

Jake jake at spaz.org
Mon Apr 9 20:15:16 UTC 2012

I have a dell latitude XT which is a swivel-screen laptop with a stylus.

I heard that Ubuntu worked with the tablet and so i deleted windows (which 
wasn't working anyway) and put Ubuntu 10.04 on it and it seems to work..

BUT suspend and hibernate totally don't work right.  This is a problem 
because portable computers have to be unplugged and put away sometimes.

If anyone will be at noisebridge tonight who can help, please let me know. 
I'll bring this <S>piece of shit</S> wonderful computer with me and maybe 
we can get suspend to work.

What it does is, suspends but then wakes right back up (even though it's 
closed), or sometimes just ignores the suspend command, or sometimes stays 
suspended (but could awake at any time even though it's closed).

Even if it does stay suspended until i open it, when it comes up it's 
always either a black screen or black and white stripes.  Usually I can 
get it to come back by pressing control-alt-F1 and then alt-F7, but 
sometimes it takes a minute.  Then the caps lock is on, and sometimes it 
thinks the alt or control or shift keys are stuck (until i press them) and 
the digitizer doesn't work with touch until i pull out the stylus and use 
it first.

I have done lots of reading online about this but it seems Dell just 
didn't make enough of these things for people to care all that much.

It is also possible that this particular unit has some problem with power 
management, but I have no way to know because I don't know how to debug 
that kind of thing.

If i could fix one thing about it, it would be to just fucking stay 
suspended when i tell it to suspend, until i press the fucking power 
button to wake it up.

thanks for your help


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