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You actually spit on someone at Noisebridge?For reals?And you want to come back?Do you have a wheelbarrow for your enormous testicles?
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I welcome feedback, and I do want to come in and start hacking. My project involving making my tablet PC is of significant importance to me especially since I don't have a computer anymore because I took it apart at Noisebridge and salvaged only the parts that I needed for making a touch screen tablet. My primary intentions are not to start drama, and I'm not just saying that as a way to excuse myself, I really mean it. However, I can't wait around forever for Robert to feel comfortable enough to follow through with the process of mediation of in which everyone except Robert, and including myself wants us to go about doing. I admit I'm on the fence of going about the mediation process. I'm only doing it because the community wants me to, not because I want to. I simply feel as if he is being hypocritical for accusing me of things he is entirely capable of doing himself, if not worse, and yet I'm the one being subjected to threats of being banned from
 the space, when he himself gets let off with no penalty of any sort whatsoever? I just don't think it's fair at all. To me, there is a significant difference between spitting on people and trying to stab them, and I only bring that up because I want to shed light upon the fact that Robert is just as capable of being violent and irrational as I am when under the heavy influence of alcohol (and in his case, alcohol and drugs), and I think it's wrong to have mercy upon him entering the space yet to grimace upon the idea of me being allowed to come back in. Drinking in the hackerspace is wrong, given Noisebridge should be a space where one comes in to grow brain cells rather than kill them off, and I've sought solace for that by attending AA meetings and therapy. I am aware that what I did was stupid and wrong, and I'm seeking help, which is more than I feel he can say. He has done nothing, but manages to complain about some other BS regarding the improper
 usage of a projector via discuss which again is something he himself is yet again just as capable of improperly using himself. I think Robert is an asshole, and the very last thing I want to do while I am at Noisebridge is consort or communicate with him whatsoever. I want him to leave me alone and to never talk to me again quite honestly, because I feel that although what I did was stupid, his actions during and prior to my episode are just as unforgivable as well.
To summarize, I am thoroughly discontent with the way this process is being handled. I think that Robert should leave and not be allowed to come back until he is ready to go through the mediation process as well, or I feel that both of us should be allowed to coexist with one another in the space, or that we immediately go through the process of mediation as in tomorrow, not two or three months from now. At this point I have no sympathy as to whether or not he feels ready, especially with the way I feel I've been mistreated by him. Any other proposals to me are unjust, because it involves Robert being allowed to fool around at the space, or waste his time accusing others of things he does himself, while I get to be ostracized and vilified.... Noisebridge is just as much my adult playground for learning and growing as a person as it is his and ours. The only reason why I want to go to tomorrow's meeting is to bring this up, because I know I can't rely on
 anyone else but myself to represent me, and quite frankly I'm really over the drama and I'm ready to move on. I've already informed him that I intend to go to tomorrow's meeting and that if he doesn't feel comfortable, he doesn't have to attend.
- Justin  

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i unfortunately will not be available to attend this meeting, however i

do have a problem with this approach and would suggest that mediation

would be a good step PRIOR to reentering the space.

Justin, you often say you are willing to learn and yet here you are,

excusing yourself instead of apologizing, talking instead of hacking,

and i for one am disappointed at the approach you are taking and do not

think it is appropriate for you to come to the meeting.


On 4/9/2012 12:22 PM, Justin Doerr wrote:

> So I am giving everyone fair warning in advance that I plan to attend

> tomorrow night's meeting prior to the mediation process between Robert

> Chu and I being complete. I want to share my sentiments and how I feel a

> month after the drama has passed and I feel I have the right to defend

> myself and voice my opinion, especially considering how hung over and

> traumatized I was at the last meeting. I've informed Robert I'm coming

> and I don't want people to be alarmed, hence this email. Also, it would

> be great if the drama in the meeting notes would be reduced to as

> minimal detail as possible, as much as I love being a celebrity here, I

> admit I'm not interested in this being publicized for everyone's

> leisure. I can't wait until I can actually get to hacking and not have

> to ever post drama on the discuss list or other forms of media ever

> again. It's seriously like an episode of Ricki Lake here sometimes.

> That's all I have to say. Thanks.


> -Justin Patrick Doerr




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