[Noisebridge-discuss] Justin Doerr threat model, and how to respond

Jonathan Lassoff jof at thejof.com
Tue Apr 10 16:58:32 UTC 2012

Dude..... 5150'ing someone because you have some sort of disagreement
is *far* from excellent.


On Tue, Apr 10, 2012 at 9:54 AM, Arnold Murray <arnold.murray at ymail.com> wrote:
> People with psychiatric disabilities who are hospitalized involuntarily- - and are often in dire
> need of mental health care, medical treatment and other services- - face a massive curtailment
> of their basic human rights. These rights deprivations include everything from not being allowed
> to wear one’s own clothes to being physically restrained, forcibly medicated.
> Evaluation consist of multidisciplinary analyses of a person’s medical, psychological,
> social, financial and legal conditions as may appear to constitute a
> problem...(Addressing patients legal conditions that appear to constitute a problem may
> be an appropriate client referral or call to SFMHCRA on client’s/patient’s behalf.)
> The grounds for detention are specified in WIC Sec.5150.  Under the statute, an individual may
> be detained when, as the result of a mental disorder, the individual is a danger to others, or to
> himself or herself, or is gravely disabled.  Grave disability means a condition in which a person,
> as a result of a mental disorder, is unable to provide for his or her basic personal needs or food,
> clothing and shelter (WIC Sec.5008).  The person acting to involuntarily detain an individual
> must be designated by the county
> The individual must be taken to a facility designated by the county and approved by the State
> Department of Mental Health as a facility or 72-hour treatment and evaluation.  The authorized
> person must complete a written form stating  the circumstances under which the individual’s
> condition was called to the attention of the authorized person, and the facts or statements
> relied upon to have probable cause  to  believe  the  person  is  a  danger  to  himself  or  herself,  is  a
> danger to others, or is gravely disabled.
> Upon being detained under the California Welfare & Institutions Code. Div.5, Chap.2, Sec.5150,
> an oral advisement must be given to the person being detained which includes the following
> information:
> My name is     and I am a  (police officer, mental
> health professional, etc.) with  (name of agency).  You are not under
> criminal arrest, but I am taking you for an evaluation by mental health
> professionals at  (name of facility): you will be told your rights by the
> mental health staff at the (facility).
> You may bring a few personal times with you, which I will have
> to approve.  You can make a phone call and/or leave a note to tell your
> friends and/or family where you have been taken.
> Upon admission to a facility the detained person shall be given the following advisement orally
> and in writing in a language or modality accessible to the person.  The written information shall
> be provided in the person’s native language or the language, which is the person’s principal
> means of communication.
> My name is     .  My position here is    .  You are
> being detained on this psychiatric unit because it is our professional
> opinion that as a result of a mental disorder you are likely to:
> A. Harm yourself.
> B. Harm someone else.
> C. Are unable to take care of your own food, clothing and
> housing needs.
>               To get authorized for county NON-EMERGENCY mental health services
>               255-3737
>               Adult Protective Services 557-5230
>               Child Crisis (individuals under 18 years of age)  970-3800
>               Child Protective Services 558-2650
>               Community Behavioral Health Services
>               Dore Urgent Care Clinic  553-3100
>               Golden Gate Bridge Sergeant (people threatening to jump)  923-2220
>               HIV Crisis (for people HIV + AIDS)  476-3902
>               MAP Mobile Assistance Patrol-transportation for homeless people seeking drug and/or
>               medical treatment 431-7400
>                 Officer Kelly Dunn, San Francisco Police Department Psychiatric Liaison Unit  255-3727
>                 Poison Control 1-800-523-2222
>                 San Francisco Mental Health Clients’ Rights Advocates  552-8100
>                 Transportation for 5150: (ambulance services)
>                 St. Joseph    415-460-6020
>                 Pro Transport  510-812-5200
>                 King America   415-931-3000
>                 AMR        415-922-9400
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