[Noisebridge-discuss] Laser engraver needs to go back in the DJ booth

Rubin Abdi rubin at starset.net
Wed Apr 11 19:31:42 UTC 2012

In my humble opinion our laser cutter isn't of a high enough
caliber/resolution where vibrations would matter that much.

The darkroom isn't the spot for the SEM, as it's pretty full of other
things people are actively using more.

So 2169 is a fairly not structurally sound building in general. If the
goal if putting the SEM in the Eastern end of the building is to avoid
picking up massive vibrations from Bart and MUNI, then I think that's a
valid technical solution to a technical problem. If the goal is to avoid
all vibration all together, you're living a disillusion life or simply
want the device somewhere more secluded.

It sounds like the laser cutter issue is that some folks are bothered by
others burning toxic filled materials in it, which to me sounds more of
a social issue. Almost every item I've seen engraved in the space is the
sort of thing one shouldn't laser. A group could simply go through and
put up some signage on how to use the laser, what materials are ok to
cut, and audit the objects in the scrap pile. That would be a social

A technical solution would be not addressing the fact that idiots are
lasering materials that shouldn't be lasered, and simply shoving that
whole problem away in a room elsewhere in the space.

I've already gone through and scolded Rayc about his usage of glue
infused press board in the laser cutter twice, and he's promised me he
wont do it again.

So I ask this question now, has anyone been in the space during bad
smelling laser times and can identify who's been burning not good
materials? If so then we should talk with them and educating them on
what they can and can't laser. If not then this discussion is moot.

If people are complaining about the smell of acrylic getting lasered
(which isn't toxic with proper ventilation, which we have), we've had
more toxicish stuff pass by the shop and kitchen over the years.

rubin at starset.net

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