[Noisebridge-discuss] Can I finally use the discuss list for hacking related purposes now?!

Justin Doerr justinsfca at gmail.com
Thu Apr 12 04:37:40 UTC 2012

I've had my fill on drama, and I privately apologized to RAYC via private

But what about asking questions that I have actually related to the
purposes of hacking? Yeah wow what a foreign concept!!??

So I have this idea of creating a weblog to upload comical video logs
related to my Human Resources Generalist project for Noisebridge. HR is
definitely the career path I want to go down so i might as well take
advantage of it here. I want it to fancy and fabulous. As in FABULOUS :Jazz

I know that I'm quite the novice when it comes to Web Development. I'm
taking this Python tutorial that this dude recommended to me, and it seems
to be going pretty well... Um NOT... I'm totally confused and have no idea
what the hell I'm doing half the time... and I find myself screaming at the
computer screen after reading 'syntax error' WTF! SO ready to rip off the
keyboard and feed it to a dead baby with AIDS, but it's my roommates PC so
I can't. The only problem is I am sort of like that obnoxious fuck who
constantly likes to ask a TON of questions and eventually it annoys people
at Noisebridge, but in a way I like to be very thorough in feeling like I
grasp the concept. Can I take the liberty of asking people of discuss to
have them answer my questions if or whenever I have them? I HAVE SO MANY OF
THEM!! Plus I admit I'm a people person which is a relatively scarce
commodity here at Noisebridge, and I crave social interaction the way most
people here crave solitude. But I figure since I'm already annoying, I
might as well channel my energy towards something positive or at least
something where I grow brain cells. Say hey wh at ddya say?
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