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I add that there is a depth gauge on the left side that amateur people keep removing for no good reason. It uses an M6 nut. It needs thread lock and a sign that says Do Not Remove the Depth Gauge! 

The gauge is the threaded vertical rod in the top of this photo. 



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On Apr 11, 2012, at 14:52, John Magolske <listmail at b79.net> wrote:

> * Rebecca Bellovin <rmbellov at math.stanford.edu> [120411 14:23]:
>> [...] I'm referring to the table which is supposed to attach to the
>> column; it's supposed to be perpendicular to the bit, and you put
>> whatever it is you're drilling on the table.  See, for example, the
>> circular table in the picture here:
>> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Geared_drill_press.jpg
> I donated this drill press to Noisebridge a while back, so will comment
> on it a bit... This is designed to be a wood-working drill press, and
> as such is somewhat different than a general-purpose/metal-working
> drill press (it's ok for drilling metal, but more for smaller
> diameters -- doesn't go quite slow enough for large bore cuts in
> hard materials). Rather than having a table that moves up & down
> relative to a fixed head, the head moves up and down relative to a
> fixed base, or "table". There's a crank on the side of the head for
> raising & lowering it, just be sure to unclamp where the head mates
> to the column before adjusting, and re-clamp after making the height
> adjustment. The whole column/head assembly will pivot on the socket
> in the base, just be sure to unclamp/re-clamp that union before &
> after making any adjustments using the clamp knob in the base near the
> column. And if the drill bit is coming down in a region of the base
> that is not where the slot is, and it's a through-hole you're making,
> please use some sort of consumable backing material between the base
> and your workpiece.
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