[Noisebridge-discuss] SpaceApps / NASA hackathon

Willow Brugh willow.bl00 at gmail.com
Fri Apr 13 15:01:48 UTC 2012

Hey Spacebridge folk:
NASA has just opened up a bunch of their data as a part of the OpenGov
initiative. They're holding a global hackathon (well, also on the space
station) next weekend. The San Francisco one happening at TechShop (which
was the best venue I could find based on attendee numbers - otherwise I'd
have pushed harder for Noisebridge). It's booked full, but it's important
to me that Spacebridge have a presence if they desire one, so hit me up.
spaceappschallenge dot org

Willow Brugh // willowbl00 <http://blog.bl00cyb.org/>
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