[Noisebridge-discuss] Someone hacked my email account! UNACCEPTABLE!! UNEXCELLENT!!

Daniel Pitts Daniel at coloraura.com
Mon Apr 16 00:27:20 UTC 2012

It is possible to spoof an e-mail from someone without having hacked 
their e-mail account. I do believe this wasn't you, as I've seen similar 
behavior on this list in the past. You're account might not have been 

If you really care whether people know it is you or not, you can 
cryptographically sign your messages.  Of course, people might still 
believe the unsigned messages are from you (which would be difficult at 
best to prove either way).

Just a thought.

On 4/15/12 2:45 PM, Justin Doerr wrote:
> Would someone please probe an investigation into what had just 
> happened to perhaps find out who the culprit is that did this. It may 
> be a bit of an esoteric subject to me, but I'm already distressed 
> enough by this situation as it is and for someone to be hacking into 
> my email account saying harassing statements without my consent is 
> unacceptable!! This is the real Justin Patrick Doerr saying I did not 
> type this. WTF!!!!!!????? I AM SETTING UP A 2 step authentication 
> process so that this doesn't happen again. NOT OK. NOT OK AT ALL.
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