[Noisebridge-discuss] Frontend Web Development, Monday 8pm: CSS basics

Jeffrey Carl Faden jeffreyatw at gmail.com
Mon Apr 16 06:08:26 UTC 2012

For tomorrow's class, we'll talk about CSS fundamentals! We talked
about the relationship between HTML and CSS in last week's class, and
talked about a few simple examples. In this class, we'll talk about
classes and IDs, complex selectors, the "display" property, and the
box model (margin, border, padding, etc.). Sounds dry, but it's
crucial for a good understanding of how CSS works!

The class starts at 8pm and goes until 10pm! We will also have a recap
of last week's material, starting at 7:30. If you couldn't make last
week's class or you need a refresher, come early and we'll go through
a simple tutorial.

As always, this class and the space in which it's taught are entirely
free to attend. Read all of the details here:


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