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Rikke Rasmussen rikke.c.rasmussen at gmail.com
Tue Apr 17 02:50:20 UTC 2012

Hey everyone,

Forwarding an email from my very dear friend and Illutron compatriot, Mads
Hobye, whom some of you met in 2008 when he was here to work on the
Syzygryd - he's coming to SF again this year, and as he plans on staying
for an additional month after the Burn, he's looking for cool and
interesting people to hang out and play with - read what he has to say for
himself below:


Hey Rikke

(Writing in English so you can forward it :)

I am planning a trip to Burning Man / SF from August to September and I am
looking for a place to be designer in residence for the September month.
Basically having a month away from the academic books of my PhD and get new
inspirations. I was wondering if you know anybody within SF that would be
interesting to work with?

This is what I am looking for:

   - Interesting company, university or art group to share ideas and
   knowledge with.
   - Maybe do one or two design experiments with them or just help out on a
   practical level.
   - Learn something new and interesting within art, design and technology.
   - I have specific interest in rapid prototyping creating interesting
   interaction designs.
   - Anything from anarchist art groups to cutting edge creative design
   - If an interesting environment then a couch with Internet and the
   random talks in the space would a great starting point.
   - If it would be possible to find a place to stay it would be perfect.

Do feel free to forward this email. A pdf file of my projects can be found
here for the interested:


Mads Høbye
PhD Student in Interaction Design
at Medea Malmö


mads at hobye.dk
+45 26223408

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