[Noisebridge-discuss] [zine][printer][mice][cat] The purrrr-fect solution! or: Fight fur with fur

Jake jake at spaz.org
Sun Apr 22 18:16:30 UTC 2012

Dear Tony,

I'm sure you've heard or are going to hear an earful from people who 
really think cats should never be allowed indoors, especially at a 
hackerspace.  Also, that this issue has been discussed before and seems 
like a non-starter, so you would have to start at a meeting.

What you should realize right away is that the b___h about do-ocracy is 
that someone can do-ocratically remove your cat just as easily as you 
brought it in.


Tony Longshanks wrote:
I was just talking with several of the Noiseoisie about getting a cat for
Noisebridge. As far as I can see, there's no downside. The cat would get a
I was just talking it over with [name deleted by request], who said [quote
censored for decency]: "This is a do-ocracy, you've just gotta do it, it's
like a__l s_x, if you try to talk it over w/ people first, it'll never
happen." (I think that's horrible!) All the same, I thought I'd send this
message out first just as a formality. I don't expect any objection,
though, & have already begun the lengthy process of selecting the perfect
cat (choice breed (Russian blue? Lilac-point Siamese?), excellent 
proper fur color,

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