[Noisebridge-discuss] [zine][printer][mice][cat] The purrrr-fect solution! or: Fight fur with fur

Martin Bogomolni martinbogo at gmail.com
Wed Apr 25 20:05:06 UTC 2012

What did you use to flavor the Possum?  I've eaten it a few times, and
it's always got a strong game flavor that's always not-quite-pleasant.

Squirrel is yummy, but like rabbit, very very lean.  Good to eat, but
bad to survive on as a primary source of food.

Next time I'm back in SF (May 1-10) want to do a "game food" session
in the kitchen?   I still have some gazelle, venison.   It's easy to
source squirrel, quail, and such in the Bay Area too :)


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