[Noisebridge-discuss] Inkscape for cutting tools class, May 15th

Corey McGuire coreyfro at coreyfro.com
Thu Apr 26 20:03:12 UTC 2012

New questions:

:-) "What if I don't have access to these tools but need to compose
documents for these tools? Do I need prior experience?"

Then you don't need anything MORE than this class.  All tools require
experience to use.  This class covers the finer points of composition that
are common to all these tools, but this class specifically does NOT cover
the nuances of each tool.  There will be some footnotes that are tool
specific that are covered, but not to the detriment of the scope of this
class.  This is purely about the creative intent of the composition.

WISDOM FROM MIKE PRADOS ALERT! I paraphrase: With every piece, there are
two phases to the final product, the design intention and the actual
fabrication.  Commonly these are roles of two different people, but
probably not among our crowd.  HOWEVER, this class will certainly help you
all express your "Design Intention" to whomever you may be utilizing to
fabricate your piece...especially in that person is yourself.

Mr. Prados, sir.  Don't kill me if I paraphrased you poorly ;-)
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