[Noisebridge-discuss] Inside the forcefield

Tony Longshanks LeTigre anthonyletigre at gmail.com
Fri Apr 27 08:18:11 UTC 2012

You know what I love?

Lately when I'm walking from my house (vicinity of 24th & Mish) to
Noisebridge, there's a point about 3 blocks out - 21st Street or so - when
I often run into a Noisebridger, either also on their way to the space, or
leaving it. The chance grows exponentially greater with each succeeding
block. Like when I ran into Mike outside Mi Ranchito yesterday & he brought
down the handtruck so we could bring up the printers. I love it because
when I run into "outliers" that way it's like, "I'm entering the


About that thread I started the other day about the cat & shit....it was
going to have a punchline, but the joke's already old & I'm too busy, so
I'll just say it: I was going to get a stuffed cat or something & set it on
the hackitorium table w/ a note that said:

"I'm allergic to cats."

Or something like that.

A little humorous trolling now & then is good for the soul. Just don't go
too far with it, right? We can all learn from Justin's mistakes.

Back to work!

Yr friendly neighborhood tiger
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