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regarding your mesg #17 that came through today ? do I know how many Nobel
laureates believe that HIV does, in fact, cause AIDS?

No, I do not know this figure. I just do know that there is enough out
there for the issue of HIV as the etiology of AIDS to be controversial
instead of established science....which is how it has been sold to us (the
SHEEPLE physician community). It was not until 2006 when the issue of
extremely poor quality control within the studies of HIV drugs, an expose
in Harpers magazine, was introduced along with the issue that prominent
scientists were being forced (by their own integrity) to acknowledge his
body of work. Sooner or later, some wealthy individual who has lost a child
to AIDS and has adequate resources to fund research can help overcome the
block on government and corporate control of research.

I am rather disappointed that the Noisebridge community is not open-minded
enough to be looking forward to meeting this scientist, hearing his views,
and having a chance to ask questions.

Cynthia Jeanne Lee MD
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