[Noisebridge-discuss] An introduction, a lot of gratitude, and some ideas!

jim jim at systemateka.com
Sun Feb 5 01:39:30 UTC 2012

I'm interested in plunderbridge. When are you around? 

On Sat, 2012-02-04 at 11:53 -0800, Caitlyn Meeks-Ferragallo wrote:
> Hello all,  I wanted to say hello, introduce myself, give thanks and
> share a couple of ideas I have.  My name's Caitlyn, and I am very
> grateful and honored that I was made a member last Tuesday.  Thanks to
> Alex Peake & Lizzard for sponsoring me, and to all at the meeting for
> condensing!    I think Noisebridge is absolutely the coolest thing in
> the city.. I've been lurking around once in a while but felt a bit
> weird not being a member, as it doesn't feel right to take without
> giving back.  I look forward to being excellent to all of you!
> About me, I'm 40, a games and graphics professional living in SF.  I
> was originally introduced to Noisebridge by Alex Peake by way of his
> Gamebridge Unityversity program, the Open Primer and Code Hero
> projects.  Did a dual major at UC Santa Cruz in computer science and
> art. As an employee of Unity Technologies (we make the game engine
> used by these projects) I have been an ardent sponsor of these
> programs and was thrilled when Alex first brought me here last year to
> check out the space.  The concentration of intelligent, creative and
> constructive people here really enticed me, my favorite kind of
> people!  One year later I am proud to be welcomed to the group!  I
> code (these days mostly in C#/Mono), make virtual worlds (SL and other
> platforms), mobile stuff (usually with Unity on iOS and Android).  To
> be honest I'm entirely attracted to the tech-brainiac side of
> Noisebridge-- the "lets make stuff" side.  I've been coming here as a
> place to get my own personal projects done and to meet people who do
> the same, and explore ideas and technology. 'm not really here for the
> political stuff (there's enough of that outside of NB) or black-hat
> hacktivism, but I appreciate people who cultivate their beliefs and
> follow through with their passions, especially in the name of freedom
> and sympathy.
> Looking at the calendar of events, I see a LOT of cool stuff.  And it
> occurred to me--there's things that would be cool to do in addition to
> the existing ones-- especially the things *I* want to do.  :)
>  So I have two events I want to propose doing, and I'm curious to know
> if any of these would have traction with you guys.  If so, perhaps we
> can meet up and get some stuff going.  First,  I am developing an open
> virtual world platform-- similar in theory to the Second Life / Open
> Sim / Open Grid approach, but completely different technically, with a
> cloud based back-end, dynamic content and best of all, no 'sim
> crossings' (if you know what that is, you know the problem!).  I've
> actually got an alpha version of this working in Unity, with a
> browser-based client and full Unity rendering capability, PHP/MySQL
> accounts and region management, and asset bundle management system for
> streaming and storage of world assets.  I am working towards making
> this an open architecture and am about ready to invite developers and
> world builders to participate.  Perhaps if there is enough interest, I
> can put together a regular virtual worlds group meet up.
> Second idea is for metal detecting and treasure hunting enthusiasts--
> it's a hobby of mine and I always enjoy it with the company of other
> people.  Maybe called PlunderBridge, the idea is that those of us who
> are passionate about metal detecting can get together, go out
> scavenging for bottle caps, pennies and rare doubloons, maybe organize
> an overnight trip to gold country after the snow melt uncovers new
> minerals.   Also it would be quite cool to involve more
> electronically-inclined people in the development of an open
> metal-detector technology, for something which can be made with
> Arduino, 3d printed parts, using accelerometers and signal strength
> with mobile devices to record the strength and position of a signal
> and build a 3D model representation of what's down there!  Something
> like the OKM and the visualization is displayed on the iPad. Maybe GPS
> integration.  I can provide adventure companionship, the 3D software
> to do the visualization on mobile devices, and some basic direction,
> but I"m not a hardware person.
> I'm also a motorcyclist (if you see a pink helmet with a Noisebridge
> sticker on it, that's me). Hm any metal detecting motorcyclists
> around? Maybe we could ride to gold country. Anyway, that's it!
> Thanks again for the membership and I'm looking forward to a long
> ongoing non-stop excellence with all of you.
> Cheers
> Caitlyn
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