[Noisebridge-discuss] Upstairs door latch mechanism?

Jake jake at spaz.org
Sat Feb 11 01:12:14 UTC 2012

This is exactly why it's easier to turn someone away by not buzzing the 
gate open, than it is to let them in and come all the way up the stairs 
and then try to turn them back.

If someone presses the button at the gate and nothing happens, they have 
no one to be mad at, and they have not already gone up two flights of 
stairs toward their destination.  No big deal, they will proceed to some 
other place to hang out.


David Estes wrote:
> Right, and I am decidedly /not/ a big guy. Imagine me trying to have
> that conversation, but on the street outside the gate. I don't think it
> would have gone well.

Rachel Lyra wrote:
I've done this, at 3am. someone sort of followed me there from a party
(incidentally one where they had to eject one of our homeless residents
for drunkenness).  I'm a smallish female, although i usually wear baggy
clothes and boots.  It wasn't fun but it worked out ok.  I'm pretty
assertive though.

Since our constituency of preferred users includes many people who would
be uncomfortable with this type of confrontation, we probably want to
help deal with that!  I think that the more complicated it looks to get
in, the easier it would be to tell a person trying to follow you in that
they are not authorized for entry.  By creating a ridiculous rube
goldberg of Entry we can create a Flying Spaghetti Monster type
authority to appeal to when denying someone entry.  THE SCIENCE-DEITIES


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