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This would be an improvement over the current situation. If you sleep, you sleep in the closet, which will light up and beep at you after two dozen minutes. That would keep people from sleeping in the workspace, and keep people who are too tired to work from wasting space.

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> On 2/10/2012 3:21 PM, girlgeek wrote:
>>  what about this option as certain members have already noted they like doing projects for long periods of time and just do not get upset about napping? 
>>                                               Power Naps
>> Power naps are limited to less than 20 minutes. That way, one can get into stage 1 and stage 2 sleep but, by being woken up before 20 minutes have elapsed thus before stage 3 sleep, they are not drowsy and can work productively. 
> Oh yeah, I used to do that in preschool (or kindergarten was it?) We had these little bathtubby type things we'd lay down in & take half hour naps in the afternoon. 
> Of course, I picked my nose and ate paste in preschool, too.
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