[Noisebridge-discuss] Advice re: office/work/sleep space, alternative housing, vintage clothes

jim jim at well.com
Sat Feb 11 19:26:03 UTC 2012

    For getting rid of nice old clothes, I like 
Decades of Fashion on Haight Street a little 
over a block this side of Stanyon. 
    Seems like you might be able to use this 
ActiveSpace rental for storage, yes? I've got a 
little truck (honda element) and I'd be willing 
to help you cart your stuff from where it is to 
some other place. 
    Would there be enough space in the ActiveSpace 
joint to allow others to share storage? 

On Sat, 2012-02-11 at 01:39 -0800, glamortramp wrote:
> Apologies if anyone finds this off-topic or not hacker-related enough, 
> but I was thinking it does sort of tie in to the recent discussion re: 
> sleeping in a workspace, finding alternatives to SF rent ("housing 
> hacking") & of course as we know there is a pronounced overlap between 
> squatters & hackers both here & abroad:
> I've been thinking about renting a small office/work space to use as a 
> combination work- and sleepspace (since I'm currently living "at large" 
> and all). ActivSpace is the company I'm most familiar with. You can rent 
> them starting from $250/300 a month and they have a location in the 
> Mission. You aren't supposed to sleep in them, but I don't see how they 
> could regulate that, especially if you were a largely nocturnal 
> creature, like me. Has anyone tried this and have pros/cons?
> Apropos - I've been in contact w/ people who are currently squatting 
> (again) at the place we got kicked out of last month, and they said my 
> stuff is still there & I can pick it up this weekend! Which is 
> Excellent. (Not having clothes, not to mention all the personal, 
> sentimental stuff, was Unexcellent.) Except now I need to find a place 
> to stash it, since I'm still living "at large" at the moment. So this 
> office space idea would work great - especially since much of the 
> clothing is vintage that I want to sell. (I have some things  to donate 
> to the clothing hackers @ NB, if desired - some nice upcycled vintage 
> mens/unisex stuff - or maybe we could collaborate on it as a business 
> venture? I have an Etsy store I'd like to develop.) In other words, it 
> all ties together: the clothing is part of "work," and work and sleep 
> are connected since I don't have a house, so this seems like one 
> possible way to tie it all together.
> Any info from experienced sources very much appreciated. I suspect I've 
> as yet only scraped the surface of "alternative housing" options in the 
> City.
> gl at m aka Tony

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