[Noisebridge-discuss] d3.js working session

Dow Street dowstreet at prodigy.net
Sat Feb 11 20:50:18 UTC 2012

Hi.  I'm Dow Street - I'm not currently a member of noisebridge, but  
I've been to the space a number of times over the years.  I'm  
interested in setting up a (potentially recurring) co-working type  
session focused on data visualization, and specifically, the d3.js  
library.  I used to occasionally stop by for the recurring django  
meetings - something like that is what I have in mind.

Does this sound ok with folks?  I'll be sure to check the event  
calendar for conflicts - probably shoot for a time in the afternoon on  
Tuesday or Wednesday, and start with a small group so that everyone  
can meet others at the space.  Of course, if there are any noisebridge  
members who are interested in datavis / d3.js and want to help  
coordinate something like this then I'd love to chat (assuming others  
think it is a good idea and/or use of the space).


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