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Mon Feb 13 22:54:19 UTC 2012

Hi. Im wondering if the noise kitchen is even obligated to meet health standards. I don't know the correct lingo for this but I have a feeling that the noise kitchen isn't meant to be serving the public in general. 
 Before we oust the lovable and adorable dogs from the kitchen, why not focus on the roach problem that we forgot about. They are still there plotting their revenge and building their armies just below the surface of the counter tops. Also, I believe that the kitchens biggest priority is cleanliness.   We should start with the basics first. - Erica 

> bescheidene Vorschlag hund
> I propose we ask all non service dogs to stay out of the kitchen.
> Especially on Tastebridge nights.
> It's a health code violation (the copy of the SF Health Code I keep in my
> posterior) and they smell.  You can keep your dogs in the OccupyHacker
> classroom or in the grocery store downstairs, first floor.

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