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Wed Feb 15 22:58:53 UTC 2012

Hey guys, I don't know anything about the group doing this but thought
some of you might find it of interest.  I believe we are doing some
experiments right now in this realm.

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Hi guys I wanted to let you know about this very cool event happening
at Occupy Wall Street...

The “Occupy Commons strategy workshop: reclaiming the Commons as a
social theory of collective action” will be held at Making Worlds: an
OWS Forum on the Commons in NYC and online, in New York, Feb 18, 2012
AND online at The Future of Occupy site Feb 14-23. Here is the link...

The “Making Worlds: an OWS Forum on the Commons” will reflect on the
direction and aims of the Occupy movement and to articulate strategies
for the future. Information: http://makingworlds.wikispaces.com

George Por is a director of the London-based School of Commoning, who
were an early proponent of the alliance between the democratization
and commons movements, which was the focus the School’s first public
workshop in June 2011.

The title of our session on reclaiming the Commons as a social theory
of collective action, at the OWS Forum will be a hybrid (online-
onsite) workshop using an innovative educational design. George will
address the OWS Forum in New York from London via Skype.

The Occupy movement is redefining many aspects of social life,
including what a workshop is. For us, gone are the days when a
workshop simply meant a space with tools, workbenches and supplies, or
a time to spend on listening to a sage on the stage.

This event will reconnect with and renew what a “workshop” was in the
pre-industrial era: a supportive environment, where people assemble to
invent, prototype and produce useful objects. In the digital era, it
also means developing useful ideas together, making connections, and
co-creating something of value to the community.

For more information and to join this free online workshop, please
visit its home page. If you like what you see, please help us get the
word out about it.

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